You know that feeling of uneasiness you get when you try something new, something different, something that you’ve never done before – that will lead you onward towards your goals ?

That fear ?
It’s OK to be scared and it’s OK to recognize that that feeling has been stopping you all this while.
This is our comfort zone.
It is the space we prefer taking because it reminds of of being safe and at ease.
Take time to understand that EVERYTIME you reach out to do something like this, you will feel this way. You will want to cower down and curl up and shy away from anything that causes disturbance to that comfort zone you live in.
But to really really get to that goal ?
That is, at some point, going to require YOUR conscious effort.
It is going to ask you to STEP UP.
To do things you have NEVER EVER done before.
To shed that shell and take that step to do what is burning deep inside of you.
It is scary. And those fear are honestly never going to go away.
Because once you have conquered it – you have the next level of fear and comfort- zone- breaking to breach.
So don’t you think it’s time to get comfortable with your fears ?
Even in the Gita, it is said to get LOST in the process. And that the effort is more important than the goal itself. leave it
This way, when we get lost it in it, we revel in the fact that we took that step.
This also helps bring down the stress we allow to build inside of us , that we use to beat ourselves down, when we haven’t yet reached our goal.
It’s OK.
It’s OK to not YET reach it.
And it’s OK to recognize that. Take all the time you need to do so
And then you keep going. And revel in the process, acknowledge the fears. And acknowledge your action DESPITE your fears.

Have an ambitious, fear- filling, process – pleasing 2017 people.
Loads of Love   


The author is an Executive Coach & Social Entrepreneur

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I can’t tell you the number of times I’m rejected at work.

I meet so many different kinds if people whom I wish to explore to collaborate with, intend to offer our services to as well.
It’s ego breaking. When things don’t materialize.
I sit to reflect on why things happen the way they do.
I also question what was missing from my side and what more we could have done / do to learn and add value to our own processes.
I’m still learning.
And what’s always struck me as being helpful for our work is asking, listening, sometimes ( many times ) going back to the drawing board time and time again.
I used to feel terrible about it. Now I use that to keep me going.

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The author is an Executive Coach and Social Entrepreneur


Rembrandt van Rijn has been known for his versatility in art and his creative depictions of history through visual media.


He never traveled outside the Netherlands ( then called the Dutch Republic ), but he was influenced in a big way by Old Masters like Lastman for instance.
In today’s day and age, Old Masters come in the form of Patrons, and patrons don’t have to be fragmented or compartmentalized when it comes to who they are what roles they play in your life too.
– Even the most menial job you might be given or doing can be your great source for developing a skill you think might help you in your line of work.
– Your boss, your mentor, your senior ( maybe all 3 in 1 as well ) can be a rich pool of learning for you to learn from, ask questions and also gain insight into their journeys too.

– Do you have a role model in your field ? Someone you can study and learn from. They may no0t even be a part of the living anymore, but their story and their journeys live on , for you to trace back, to undersatnd patterns, to deeply and consciously get in touch with what worked and what didn’t. And then to explore those principles in your own time and space.

Can you think of other ways to leverage on what has been to spring board you on your way, give you a boost of confidence and also gain insight into what was done earlier ?

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The author is a Social Entrepreneur and Executive Coach

twitter: CarolineVibha


There’s a massive sea of change unfolding for many many women over the last few decades

A few decades earlier in countries that have high Western influences in them, and more recently in countries like ours.
I interact / collaborate / coach / learn from a lot of women and the need / search to make a mark or identify is high. This is not to say women want to compete with each other or with men.
I interact / collaborate / coach / learn from a lot of women and the need / search to make a mark or identify is high. This is not to say women want to compete with each other or with men. Competition with the outer world may not be the focus. But more about women really coming into their own, for themselves.
For some women it might continue well past them becoming mothers; transitioning from a role in Corporate India to opting to either resume or becoming entrepreneurs in micro / small sized businesses.
The initial phase of transition / exploration with her identity, can be daunting for many.
What will happen to the family ?
Are the kids going to suffer due to neglect from me as a mother ?
How do I catch up with the world ? ( bevause there have been massive changes since she took a break )
Will my family support me ?
What do I do if they don’t ?
I need seed capital.
What if I fail ?
Will my idea be rejected ?
Will I face rejection ?
If I do fail, what happens next ?
Also with this growing need to explore and discover, many are afraid to be seen as feminine. Like ‘being feminine’ is weak or flighty, or lacking strength.
Femininity wields tons of strength harnessed over years and years of experience with life. After all experiences teach all of us, regardless of gender. It’s upto us to ask – ‘What did I learn from this ?’
What are your thoughts on discovering more about yourself ?
About how gracefully embracing femininity can be a constant source of strength in your decision making and taking action ?
How can each of us engage, to support this change, that in many many subtle and more obvious ways, is having an impact on the family structure and function, on ways we all collaborate at work, on the economy and relationships at large ?

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How can we think it, if we didn’t know what to think about?

And so, the context of this came about with my realizations with our ability to go beyond what is, at present. Human beings are the only creatures on planet Earth that have a structure in the brain, called the Cerebral Cortex that’s responsible for imagining, visualizing and more along the lines of creativity.Human capability to think

Think about it, without this magnificent ability we would

probably have remained cavemen! Take a look at animals.

They have stayed as is. They don’t question. They just do. Teach a dog. Train him to shake hands ( or paw), chances are slim of him turning around one day to ask you why. 

Now, you’re probably thinking –  so how do we create stuff out of nothing right? Well, it’s counterproductive to a point, only to a point though. The fact is  for anything to be created or improved upon, there needs to be this point of reference which we can extrapolate from. And then we’re sort of on our own form there onwards. Don’t forget that point of reference though because it might just keep changing with progress.

If we experience challenges ( and you will – it really is part of the greater plan! ) running a business, how do we know what’s better unless we have to compare it with something better – a benchmark. Comparing goes beyond the frame of challenges too. Look at our telecom companies, for instance. We take great delight in comparing whose got better network connectivity, telecom plans that suit us best. And whose sucks!

Then there’s e-commerce and we have tons of large, small and tiny ventures that venture out claiming their difference and why we, their customers, need them. Ah yes, value creation, again also made with the distinct and strategic use of – point of reference.

As entrepreneurs we do this to gain sense of where we are in the larger scheme of things – markets, products, consumer quality and more. This is accomplished through market research on various levels, customer feedback on how we are doing. Visiting businesses with similar product or service focus can be revealing of their journey, stage as companies and ofcourse serve as an indicator of where we stand across the spectrum.

As customers we use the point of reference with our choice basis quality, shelf-life, after sales service and ofcourse the overall experience.

The interesting thing is so much of this is always happening beneath our seemingly conscious levels of awareness. And it all connects back into the way we feel, which is why the thought- provocation can take on a whole new meaning with they way someone or something made us feel in the past, encouraging us to change course.

I think the ability to question and reason can really be maximized if we make a habit of it, sometimes publicly and other times in private. Underestimating the power of questioning can be self- defeating as well.

Take that time to ask, to learn and to gather your harvest for another season and another great idea!

Caroline Cares Fernandes

The author is a Social entrepreneur and learner

twitter: CarolineVibha