You know that feeling of uneasiness you get when you try something new, something different, something that you’ve never done before – that will lead you onward towards your goals ?

That fear ?
It’s OK to be scared and it’s OK to recognize that that feeling has been stopping you all this while.
This is our comfort zone.
It is the space we prefer taking because it reminds of of being safe and at ease.
Take time to understand that EVERYTIME you reach out to do something like this, you will feel this way. You will want to cower down and curl up and shy away from anything that causes disturbance to that comfort zone you live in.
But to really really get to that goal ?
That is, at some point, going to require YOUR conscious effort.
It is going to ask you to STEP UP.
To do things you have NEVER EVER done before.
To shed that shell and take that step to do what is burning deep inside of you.
It is scary. And those fear are honestly never going to go away.
Because once you have conquered it – you have the next level of fear and comfort- zone- breaking to breach.
So don’t you think it’s time to get comfortable with your fears ?
Even in the Gita, it is said to get LOST in the process. And that the effort is more important than the goal itself. leave it
This way, when we get lost it in it, we revel in the fact that we took that step.
This also helps bring down the stress we allow to build inside of us , that we use to beat ourselves down, when we haven’t yet reached our goal.
It’s OK.
It’s OK to not YET reach it.
And it’s OK to recognize that. Take all the time you need to do so
And then you keep going. And revel in the process, acknowledge the fears. And acknowledge your action DESPITE your fears.

Have an ambitious, fear- filling, process – pleasing 2017 people.
Loads of Love   


The author is an Executive Coach & Social Entrepreneur

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Seriously, Intelligence is Over-Rated.

I used to wonder where the point of getting good to great would happen.

I mean, how do you know when you’re getting really really good at what you’re doing?

Simple. You’ll find people, a steadily growing number of them actually, will want to meet you. Not because you’re known or something, and yeah, that happens to happen anyway, but because what you do is getting the results people want.


So, we are seeing a lot of tense hesitation with women when they transition between where they are, to where they need to be. The Real versus the Ideal states.

We find that all this is to a very large extent, a state of mind.

Through our interviews, discussions, coaching and events, more and more we are realizing women do not take the step into the unknown, simply because it’s the unknown.

Sure, you’re probably thinking how is this different from the way men think, correct?

Correct. To look at it from the surface it is human nature to resist change and resist it we will. Excuses, delays, avoidance and denial flood our minds and stop us dead in our tracks, sometimes self-indulgence in opting to be mentally paralyzed too.

But, studies have shown that when it comes t0 us women, these challenges tend to take on a slightly if not grossly skewed shape. We have a gender based lens that enables us to perceive events that lead us to go into self- deprecation. We bring ourselves down, and filter situations from this world view.

In due course this takes us into a loop which stops us from progressing to getting to that ‘ really really good space’ aka, becoming experts at what we do.

Some of of the basics that can incrementally lead to disengaging this thought process are:

  1. Developing a clear Leadership Vision
  2. Self- Confidence Building
  3. Understanding what Success Means to us
  4. Networking
  5. Influencing and negotiating
  6. Others

We invite yoou to take notice of the fact that core skills around what you do have consciously not been mentioned here, as we consider that a given for success.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we at #VibhaWomen plan on addressing these facets via our workshops that will work in tandem with more sharing of thoughts and experiences that you can read here as well.


Join us either at our workshops or read more about this here shortly.

We also invite you to share your own thoughts around this.

More to follow, see ya soon.


The author is an Educationist, Social Entrepreneur and Coach

Twitter: #CarolineVibha

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Caroline Cares Fernandes

Coaching is Much Deeper Than You Think!

Coaching is focused on enabling you to get a grip on your self, gain more and more clarity about what you want ( career goals) and then..the most valuable part of the master plan
Actioning everything you outline in your framework!
download (1)
Do not assume that a coach is some random image consultant who helps you with your hair and make-up and gets you all ‘poised’ for success
😦 Such a disappointing reputation some folks have built around this heavily responsible role.
Events are doled out by the dozen, but carry nothing fleshy in it. facades are great to show, but they will eventually crash if substance is missing.
Your name and reputation will carry you only that much farther, until people begin to see through the cracks and holes!!
And yes.
A coach can listen to your troubles ( personal woes and downfalls) -but only for the first leg of the process. No wallowing, it’s just not done!
Your coach has a responsibility to ensure you KEEP GOING!
That you are on track, no matter what!
And that you will carefully, patiently stay the course everyday!
Take sports and coaching and you will associate a person who is there to get your prepped, help you stay focused and make sure your thoughts and actions are goal- oriented!
Don’t you think your careers and business ventures need that ?
Don’t you think you as an entrepreneur need that too?
There is nothing frivolous about the role a coach plays in your life and for your career- growth !
Take yourself seriously – things will materialize ! 🙂
The author is a Coach and Educationist
twitter: CarolineVibha
Caroline Fernandes

Remind Yourself & Keep Going!

Do you remember Why you became an entrepreneur?

This thought and reason should be crystal clear in your head.
Keep reminding yourself and encourage yourself to venture deeper into this concept-
You could have been doing something else, been somewhere else

WHY did I become an entrepreneur?
HOW can I make a difference to the people I have sought to offer my time and effort to?

At the start,it’s ok because there will be a lot of rumble and noise in your head. You may have to win over the fears and doubts you have been building skillfully within you.

But when you can effortlessly narrow this idea down to a single sentence your actions become an extension of your thoughts


Keep Going!


The author is a Social Entrepreneur & Learner.

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Caroline Cares Fernandes

Building Momentum is not the end, but a stepping stone for you to move on.

A startup has this really high-performance, small but packed with punch, think-while-you-run sort of feel to it.

The energy and dynamism that comes with the turf can be a exhilarating and palpable.

Look back on any business you know of, regardless of the size of the organization, and you will find that the greatest learning and innovation occurs during the ‘ramp-up mode’ stage of operations, not the plateau.

While the idea we have as entrepreneurs slowly comes to life, you will feel a tug of temptation towards slowing down to celebrate your accomplishment. It’s at this point, you do something that’s the exact opposite. You don’t. You don’t stop. But you do stay grounded. Because when you begin to look real hard you start to realize how those tiny triggers of growth are just what you need to propel you forward.

Which means, you stop to take stock of what’s happening, to ask those vital questions of –

Am I on track?

Am I doing what is necessary to make a positive difference?

Do I have the right attitude towards myself and others?

How are my influencing skills? Am I prepared to speak to known and  unknown people in a manner that is compelling, concise and engaging?

If you are able to answer some of these questions, that’s when you will realize that building momentum and bridging gaps are an on-going process. You will flow with it. You will make changes. You will recap. You will churn.

And to stay relevant is everything for your customer and to you.


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The author is a Social Entrepreneur & learner.

twitter: CarolineVibha


Synchronicity at Work

I have a penchant for motivational gurus. I think they have an invisible link to spirituality or the metaphysical in some way. Although in today’s day and age we would prefer to look at things from a more mainstream perspective this may be frowned upon, the patterns are surprisingly overwhelming.

On reading Marshall Goldsmith’s – ‘Triggers’, I really took to the topic on Over-planning and Under-doing which further brought me to the realization that as entrepreneurs we often do just that.

It’s OK if we want to remain as is. But with a world that’s always moving, a dynamic status quo will be more integral for the smart and strategic planner.

Know the Core

I think a good point to begin with is yourself- as an entrepreneur, more than any other way of earning – this stands the test of time,time and again. And this is only because with time, everything changes so knowing what is your constant and what drives you, allows you the time and space, at the right points to direct your thoughts, efforts and impact towards where your philosophies and values lie, deep at the very core.

Over- planning and Under-doing

Although a lot has been talked about at length, about planning, I think planning after a point is over-rated. It’s good to have a map and a vision of your enterprise, your goals and keep touching base to ensure you are on track, you will realize that the proof is in the pudding. Execution will always get you there faster and is tangible when it comes to how much impact you are creating for yourself, your team and your customer.

If we set out having too many expectations, this brings with it frustration, anxiety and much more angst. The key is small steps, one day at a time. And to take stock regularly.


Which brings us to the most important part of how things get done. The sequence of events and how they unfold. Ever been in a situation where you wanted to do something and it sort of falls in your lap? You were thinking of calling a customer or supplier whom you’ve been out of touch with, and strangely they call you up first? Coincidence? Maybe. Accident? No chance.

mage from Zur Psychologie und Pathologie sogenannter occulter Phänomene: eine psychiatrische Studie by Carl Jung (1902)

Image from Zur Psychologie und Pathologie sogenannter occulter Phänomene: eine psychiatrische Studie by Carl Jung (1902)

Carl Jung spoke at length about this concept and how things manage to unfold when you want something or think about something. It’s important to understand this as is – a concept and unless you have experienced ( or keep experiencing this) you may opt to label it as nonsense. But many many people go through this, many times over. Process mapping is built on it. it’s not as complex a phenomenon , but writing does have a powerful effect on the fact that – ‘if you write it down, it gets done’

So, these steps I spoke of? Knowing yourself, envisioning and letting things unfold are inter-connected and will continue to intensify. No matter at what stage of life you are at.

So, start-up wise, keep going, your discoveries about what you can do will reveal themselves the more you put yourself out there.

Caroline Cares Fernandes

The writer is a social entrepreneur and a curious learner

You can reach her via:

Fb: Caroline cares Fernandes

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Gayathri Suresh certainly does it all! A Paramedic by Profession, Practicing as Diabetic Educator and Clinical Podiatrist at Dr.Suresh Diacare, Rajajinagar, Bangalore. She also Has a Partnership firm – called ‘BODY ROCKERZZ’ fitness centre at Ramanagar, Bangalore Mysore Highway. She also runs a textile and Apparel Business. Here’s how she does it

A practicing clicnical podiatrist, a gym and apparel business owner this woman is not afraid to call the world on its own terms!


Vibha is happy to feature Gayathri Suresh’s story in our #Shareyourstory series.

IMG-20140413-WA0004 (1)

The Firsts

In November 2014, I presented a paper about Diabetic Foot at Melbourne that was highly appreciated by several doctors across the country.

I am amongst the only 6 Clinical Podiatrists in the country and it makes me very happy to help my patients save their limbs.

My dream project will be that of running an Old age home and Handicapped rehabilitation center.

Wearing Multiple Hats

I started my Textile  Business in a very small way by trading apparels, I’ve also attended a lot of training in Business Management to enable me to run business more effectively. I aim to start my own Manufacturing Unit in the next 3 years. At present my business is focused around manufacture of uniforms and corporate clothing, I also cater to theme based costumes for events and manufacture of leather products. My target clients are school & colleges, corporates, the automobile industry and hotel and event management companies.

Where it Counts

I have had my fair share of ups and downs. Despite having the expertise in health and service,when it came to textile it was  totally different ball game! It was like starting everything from scratch because it was an entirely different vertical altogether .

Pricing,procurement and even the brass tacks of manufacture were some of my challenges. I also had to understand that competition is a part and parcel of business too.

On Inspiration

My business hero is my Husband, what ever I am today is all his support and push and my mom each time I feel am down she says you can do better and it’s u who has to prove yourself. I am always thankful to the people who say no to me because I take it up myself to get it done. And I feel everyon I meet is my teacher and they are my inspiration book.

  I want to tell other entrepreneurs, it’s nice to listen to other peoples’ success      stories,but don’t chase those, Create your own success story! Dream big. Each of us is a hero/heroine. Don’t stop till you reach your goal. Know what your capacity is. Pursue what interests you to do well.

I recently met someone who inspired me by these words- ‘Give up the giving up’. I fell in love with these words!


We thank Gayathri for sharing her story with us. To reach out to Gayathri