What’s your Blueprint for 2018?

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018! On this occasion, I desire, that you achieve all your goals this year. This is my first post of the year, and I wanted to start with a wish that has the potential to come true, when YOU put your thoughts into it and pursue it wholeheartedly, giving your 100%.

So, how did you celebrate the New Year? Was it by going to a party and dancing away to glory? Or you stayed back home, called a few friends, and rejoiced their company? Or you were out of town holidaying, and rang in the New Year in your favorite destination, in the presence of your friends and/or family? Or you feel, the hoopla around New Year’s celebration is too overrated, it just fizzes away too quickly? So you don’t see it as a special time and refrain from celebrating it.

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I believe the New Year is the pretext to start afresh. It is the reason to look at things from a different perspective, a time to reconcile with the past and look forward to the future. I spend the last day of the fading year and the first day of the new year in solitude. This is the time I invest in introspection. I look back at the year which went by, the decisions I had made, what went right and bask in the glory of my achievements. I also look at what went wrong, analyze those mistakes, learn from them, and work on what I can do better next time. It is the time I give to myself to chalk out how I want my coming year to be. Work out what I want to achieve in the new year and create my BLUEPRINT for the new year.

I also spend some time with my personal coaching clients around this time. I was having one such deep conversation with a client a couple of days before the New Year’s Eve. I asked him normally, So how was your 2017? To which he answered IT WAS TERRIBLE! Immediately, I saw trouble, so I probed further…

What followed was a 2 hour long mind-boggling conversation where we discussed in detail why he felt like this. I was intrigued by the fact that he summed up the entire year with just one sentence, the year was terrible! After our discussion, he came to a conclusion that the year was not completely terrible after all. It was more of a roller-coaster ride.


On the positive side, he had traveled to places he thought he would never travel, started new investments, enhanced his bond with his family, learned new skills, accomplished so much in the professional font, got a promotion, completed his travel goals in 2017.

On the hindsight, he lost his father to heart attack, he lost some money in the new investments he had bet on, he didn’t take care of his health, he felt he didn’t spend enough time with his family and he could’ve done better as an individual in 2017.

When I asked him, “tell me 10 awesome things and 10 really bad things that happened to you in 2017”, he took much longer to complete the list for 10 bad things against the list for good things! How fascinating is that?

This reinforced that as human beings we love to amplify our sufferings and underplay our achievements. We love to believe that we are struck by misfortune, and look for empathy from others to feel better. The problem is, most often we stay in the comfort of our uncomfortable pain, just because we get empathy from others. It’s like that drug which makes us feel great for a while, then throws us back to that zone again! We just refuse to come out of it and the worst part is that we deny the fact that we like to stay in that zone!

When I asked him, “have you created your Blueprint for 2018?” He asked “what is that? No, I have not. I have nothing specific to achieve this year!” Ta da da… there you go, if you have nothing awesome to look forward, how will you shrug off yourself from that sympathy zone to an action zone? Fortunately, he saw the problem and took step to fix it. By 5th Jan he shared his Blueprint with me. I must admit, he has worked on himself and come up with some brilliant things that he wants to do this year. Which will for sure transform him to be a much better version of him.


If you are curious, what is this Blueprint, and how does this work; then let me explain this to you. Human beings achieve better when they have their eyes set on clearly defined goals; and they chalk out action plan to achieve these goals systematically and repeatedly. That’s what is a blueprint. Your blueprint is like the direction you follow to achieve your goals. It’s like the Google maps for your destination. Like Google maps, your blueprint helps you choose the quickest, most effective and least traffic (read obstacles) prone path for you.

Have you created your Blueprint for 2018? If yes, sending you more power to achieve them! If not, I would love to help you create it. All you have to do is register for Connect To Success Preview on 21st Jan. Find below the registration details.


Would you take your life to the next level this year?


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You know that feeling of uneasiness you get when you try something new, something different, something that you’ve never done before – that will lead you onward towards your goals ?

That fear ?
It’s OK to be scared and it’s OK to recognize that that feeling has been stopping you all this while.
This is our comfort zone.
It is the space we prefer taking because it reminds of of being safe and at ease.
Take time to understand that EVERYTIME you reach out to do something like this, you will feel this way. You will want to cower down and curl up and shy away from anything that causes disturbance to that comfort zone you live in.
But to really really get to that goal ?
That is, at some point, going to require YOUR conscious effort.
It is going to ask you to STEP UP.
To do things you have NEVER EVER done before.
To shed that shell and take that step to do what is burning deep inside of you.
It is scary. And those fear are honestly never going to go away.
Because once you have conquered it – you have the next level of fear and comfort- zone- breaking to breach.
So don’t you think it’s time to get comfortable with your fears ?
Even in the Gita, it is said to get LOST in the process. And that the effort is more important than the goal itself. leave it
This way, when we get lost it in it, we revel in the fact that we took that step.
This also helps bring down the stress we allow to build inside of us , that we use to beat ourselves down, when we haven’t yet reached our goal.
It’s OK.
It’s OK to not YET reach it.
And it’s OK to recognize that. Take all the time you need to do so
And then you keep going. And revel in the process, acknowledge the fears. And acknowledge your action DESPITE your fears.

Have an ambitious, fear- filling, process – pleasing 2017 people.
Loads of Love   


The author is an Executive Coach & Social Entrepreneur

Twitter: CarolineVibha


There’s a massive sea of change unfolding for many many women over the last few decades

A few decades earlier in countries that have high Western influences in them, and more recently in countries like ours.
I interact / collaborate / coach / learn from a lot of women and the need / search to make a mark or identify is high. This is not to say women want to compete with each other or with men.
I interact / collaborate / coach / learn from a lot of women and the need / search to make a mark or identify is high. This is not to say women want to compete with each other or with men. Competition with the outer world may not be the focus. But more about women really coming into their own, for themselves.
For some women it might continue well past them becoming mothers; transitioning from a role in Corporate India to opting to either resume or becoming entrepreneurs in micro / small sized businesses.
The initial phase of transition / exploration with her identity, can be daunting for many.
What will happen to the family ?
Are the kids going to suffer due to neglect from me as a mother ?
How do I catch up with the world ? ( bevause there have been massive changes since she took a break )
Will my family support me ?
What do I do if they don’t ?
I need seed capital.
What if I fail ?
Will my idea be rejected ?
Will I face rejection ?
If I do fail, what happens next ?
Also with this growing need to explore and discover, many are afraid to be seen as feminine. Like ‘being feminine’ is weak or flighty, or lacking strength.
Femininity wields tons of strength harnessed over years and years of experience with life. After all experiences teach all of us, regardless of gender. It’s upto us to ask – ‘What did I learn from this ?’
What are your thoughts on discovering more about yourself ?
About how gracefully embracing femininity can be a constant source of strength in your decision making and taking action ?
How can each of us engage, to support this change, that in many many subtle and more obvious ways, is having an impact on the family structure and function, on ways we all collaborate at work, on the economy and relationships at large ?

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Trisha Malika Ghosh is a Marcom specialist, a media professional, a writer, a sports enthusiast and co-owner of a renewable energy solutions company! Here’s how she does it!

Trisha Malika Ghosh is the Director – Marketing and Communications at RAH Infotech Pvt Ltd, a leading IT distribution major based in Gurgaon.

Trisha is also a freelance media professional, a writer who is about to shortly publish her first book, a co-owner of Swastica Solar Solutions and a sports enthusiast who has been on various organizing committees of Commonwealth Games 2010 and Lusofonia Games Goa 2014.

Vibha is happy to feature Trisha’s exciting career story in our #ShareYourStory series.


I spent my childhood in London where my father was working as a professor in a University. Later we returned to India and settled in Aligarh, UP. I completed my higher education in Aligarh Muslim University and earned dual Masters’ degree in Commerce and Journalism and Mass Communication. I majored in Film Making.

My parents have played a great role in my life and are a big influence too. I am the younger sibling so I was quite pampered by everyone, I had a lovely childhood. I was brought up with lot of love and protection. I was never scolded as I was a very sensitive child and an obedient child. However, as kids have to be given training, for them to function properly in this world, I too had to be taught. But my parents had a very creative way to deal with us. They always reasoned out explaining everything in length and then we were left to take decisions on our own. We were taught to take decisions independently and responsibly. My parents always encouraged and supported both my brother and I to do things that we liked to do. Both being from an academic background, knew very well how to bring out our creative aspects and let us grow, providing a congenial environment for it. They spent a lot of time with us.

Even as I child I was an avid reader and continue to be so. I started to write from the age of eight. My imagination has been very strong so that has helped me in my writing and my father being a professor of English Literature and a Critic has helped me built my skills.

I have always been very concerned about the environment. All environmental issues bother me. When I came to know about Solar Energy from one of my employments, I decided to promote it for the well-being of the planet and for those people who are spending their lives in darkness and backwardness due to the absence of power in their areas they are living in. That is how I established Swastica Solar Solutions with my friend who was willing to invest in the not so profitable and unconventional business. The tagline for Swastica is ‘Enlighting Lives Naturally’ and that is what we are trying to do.

Apart from all the work that I do, I am a big foodie, so I love to cook, experiment in the kitchen and entertain my friends at home. My other interests are travelling and documentary making. I enjoy my life in every way I can and love to be with happy and progressive people. The motive of my life is to be happy, to progress and to add value and happiness to the lives around me. I value time and utilize every minute of it. I am a free spirit and live my life in the same way, without any confinements.  

Your career path

I am a gluttonous learner and very inquisitive about things. The same quest has made me take jobs across different industries and profiles. While I was studying I did part-time teaching for 10+2 students. After attaining my degree in Mass Communication, I have worked with leading corporates like Wipro, DELL and VLCC, with Organizing Committees of Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 and Lusofonia Games Goa 2014 and with start-ups. I have also done a short stint as an Assistant Director with a leading film production house.

I have not walked the conventional path in my career. I wanted to take up all the skills that interested me so I opted for a difficult path. I have been lucky to have grown with every new job and I would like to attribute that growth to my employers and seniors who vested their faith in me, gave me an opportunity to learn and discover the skills in me and let me implement the skills and one of them is Mr. Ashok Kumar, the CEO of RAH Infotech with whom I work presently. My job with RAH Infotech suits my temperament as it is the leading VAD in Network and Security in the country. IT Industry is ever evolving and has something new to offer every day. Marcom is a highly creative and challenging profile, so the industry and profile keeps me excited all the time and is giving to ample scope to learn. The company is also one of the best places to work.  

On Writing 

I just love to write. I have written and write on varied subjects on my blog and the features that I have written for The Times of India in the past. I write poetry. I experiment in my writing too. I have not confined myself to a particular style. My favourite areas are Art, Indian Heritage, Spiritualism, Life and Health. Off late, being a part of a Network and Security company, I have also started to do technical writing that I enjoy thoroughly.

Very soon I am also going to release my first book ‘Secret Confessions of a Lover’, which is a romantic fiction. The book is very intense and covers all the aspects of love and life and I am quite thrilled about it. It took me five years to complete it and I cannot wait to see how readers would respond to it.  

On wearing multiple hats

I am quite high on energy and sitting idle is a nightmare. My mind is constantly at work, so working on multiple avenues keeps me happy and invigorated.   Marcom specialist is my full time job with RAH Infotech. I am a freelance media professional as I want to keep a way open to do Social Journalism. Writing comes to me naturally and I do it every day effortlessly, I do not have to find time for it, it just happens.

I came to love sports ever since I did Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 and Lusofonia Games Goa 2014. We have got a lot of good sports talent in our country but unfortunately only cricket is given importance and promoted. Different federations are working very hard to promote their form of sport in the county but they are not getting that much support so I am working closely with some senior officials in the Federations and the Indian Olympic Committee to promote other sports equally in the country.

Our company, Swastica’s major operations are run by my friend who is an engineer, as it requires technical expertise and I contribute in areas like communications, relationship building and community service. Managing multiple tasks is not a challenge for me. All the work is organised before I start to work. It is my practice that I organise and plan my work in my mind before I do it. I use my time prudently and strictly adhere to my planner.

All these things together keep me excited and happy about life. I love to do different things together to keep monotony at bay. I cannot bear monotony.

Taking on challenges

I have always taken challenges as learning experiences, every single day I strive to learn and grow. If I have not learnt anything new with a new day then I think I am not progressing. Most of all I like to challenge myself. With every single job I take a new role so that I can learn a new skill set and that is how I have built my skills. I choose my jobs judiciously, I work with organisations and seniors where I think I will be supported and will be given a chance to grow while adding value to the organisation.  

About Swastica Solar Solutions

Swastica-LogoSwastica Solar Solutions is more of a social initiative rather than a business. I started Swastica with my friend five years back to promote the renewable source of energy against the depleting conventional sources.

It was quite shocking and disheartening to know then, that 57% of our country is in the dark while we enjoy power and air conditioned malls, offices and homes 24×7. Due lack of power in the areas, they are backward and people are struck with poverty.

Even though the government is taking several initiatives to promote the form of energy people are still hesitant to use it or support it. Only government’s work alone cannot do the magic. There are many organisations, now who are investing in this form of Energy as a social responsibility but many more need to do the same. Villages can be adopted and many other measures can be taken to implement Solar Energy in these far flung backward areas.

UP, Bihar and Jharkhand top the list. We need to create a lot of awareness about the uses and benefits of solar energy. India and especially northern India receives maximum solar irradiance and is very favorable for the implementation and use of solar energy.

We at Swastica educate people in both rural and urban areas about the benefits of Solar Energy. We do not market ourselves. People come to us on their own. We have done campus lighting for a leading school in Ghaziabad and have installed solar heating systems in quite a few guest houses, hotels and hospitals in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. We distribute solar home lighting systems free to the poor people in the interiors so that they can enjoy some form of light over the conventional lantern. When I have enough resources I would like to follow and promote a model similar to Gujarat. The word Swastica means ‘circle of the sun’ and I intend to make it shine that way.  

Role Models

Swami Vivekananda, Robin Sharma and Sushmita Sen.

Essential ingredients for a successful career

One should always follow his heart whether it is in life or his work.

I believe a person only excels in what he loves to do.

Excellence comes with hard work and the spirit for hard work comes from the love for it and where there is hard work success is inevitable.  

Women Empowerment is…

Being kind, righteous and courageous is my definition for women empowerment.

The most perfect woman to me is my mother. She is very soft and simple at the same time she is very strong and independent.

I believe that a woman should be gentle in the normal conduct of life but at the same time internally she should be very strong, independent, should know how to assert herself and be fierce when required.

My mother has always taught me to be quiet, patient and to control my emotions and at the same time has also taught me to speak my mind when required and to stand against injustice.   

We thank Trisha for sharing her story with our readers!!

If you are interested in learning more about Swastica Solar Solutions, please head over to their Facebook page. You can also mail/contact them.

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