We all want to be happy. And science shows that happiness not only feels great but also predicts better physical health and even a higher paycheck.

Prioritizing Positivity:
A study led by Iris Mauss, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, found that people instructed to feel happier while watching a pleasant film clip ended up feeling worse than people instructed just to watch the clip. Findings like this are echoed in the popular press: Writer Ruth Whippman argued in a recent New York Times piece that the pursuit of happiness is a “recipe for neurosis.”
– Can you think of someone who overdoes positivity ?
You might ask if it’s fake and unrealistic.
– What happens when we drag up experiences that were positive and negative for us from the past ? What does it do to you for that day ?
No emotion is built to last forever.
Under the study of “prioritizing Positivity’ – there’s a recognized process of
Current reality -> Appraisal -> Changes in oneself -> Response
This means that at every step of this above process, we can CHOOSE to prioritize and experience Positivity AND Nurture it too.
People who score high on Prioritization have
– a better life satisfaction
– more resources
– higher resilience
– better relationships
– better appreciation ability
– you choose to savor positivity
The point is, it can be DEVELOPED.
If you were to bring in youthful, playful attitude towards your life can you consciously check what happens through your day ?
How will this Prioritizing Positivity, choosing your attitude serve you ?
What will be some results of this conscious choice for you ?
Be Kind to yourself ❤
The author is an Executive Coach and Social Entrepreneur. #iamvibha #vibhawomen #carolinevibha
Caroline Fernandes