Seriously, Intelligence is Over-Rated.

I used to wonder where the point of getting good to great would happen.

I mean, how do you know when you’re getting really really good at what you’re doing?

Simple. You’ll find people, a steadily growing number of them actually, will want to meet you. Not because you’re known or something, and yeah, that happens to happen anyway, but because what you do is getting the results people want.


So, we are seeing a lot of tense hesitation with women when they transition between where they are, to where they need to be. The Real versus the Ideal states.

We find that all this is to a very large extent, a state of mind.

Through our interviews, discussions, coaching and events, more and more we are realizing women do not take the step into the unknown, simply because it’s the unknown.

Sure, you’re probably thinking how is this different from the way men think, correct?

Correct. To look at it from the surface it is human nature to resist change and resist it we will. Excuses, delays, avoidance and denial flood our minds and stop us dead in our tracks, sometimes self-indulgence in opting to be mentally paralyzed too.

But, studies have shown that when it comes t0 us women, these challenges tend to take on a slightly if not grossly skewed shape. We have a gender based lens that enables us to perceive events that lead us to go into self- deprecation. We bring ourselves down, and filter situations from this world view.

In due course this takes us into a loop which stops us from progressing to getting to that ‘ really really good space’ aka, becoming experts at what we do.

Some of of the basics that can incrementally lead to disengaging this thought process are:

  1. Developing a clear Leadership Vision
  2. Self- Confidence Building
  3. Understanding what Success Means to us
  4. Networking
  5. Influencing and negotiating
  6. Others

We invite yoou to take notice of the fact that core skills around what you do have consciously not been mentioned here, as we consider that a given for success.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we at #VibhaWomen plan on addressing these facets via our workshops that will work in tandem with more sharing of thoughts and experiences that you can read here as well.


Join us either at our workshops or read more about this here shortly.

We also invite you to share your own thoughts around this.

More to follow, see ya soon.


The author is an Educationist, Social Entrepreneur and Coach

Twitter: #CarolineVibha

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Caroline Cares Fernandes


Business Women’s Day : Celebrating You, dear Ladies!

I think it makes sense to have a day when women the world over can take stock our contribution towards the world of  business and the growing strength of women in numbers.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to celebrate this day. Leadership in any sphere of business – yours or an organization entitles you to this day!

There have been 2 women whom I would like to bring to mind while I reflect on the great things we as women have and how we contribute to the larger world of business.

These women are #SherylSandberg and #KiranMazumdarShaw

#LeanIn awakened something in me. It made me realize things I already knew sub-consciously but spoke to me about quite explicitly. Some were powerfully engaging, others just powerful. I’ve watched a few of Sheryl’s videos too. Through her communication everything seems to connect to an enduring thread of #grit, #persistence and #authenticity.

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook Inc., listens during the e-G8 Internet Forum in Paris, France, on Tuesday, May 24, 2011. The Internet needs government involvement to reach its full potential of linking people and boosting economic growth, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said. Photographer: Antoine Antoniol/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook Inc., listens during the e-G8 Internet Forum in Paris, France, on Tuesday, May 24, 2011. The Internet needs government involvement to reach its full potential of linking people and boosting economic growth, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said. Photographer: Antoine Antoniol/Bloomberg via Getty Images

I’ve had my awakening quite early on myself. Through times when I fell and lost I seem to have learned the most. It’s helped me become more focused on the things I want and also on the things I don’t want.

I have to say that with everything Sheryl has been through recently, her determination and will to keep moving forward is commendable.  She chose to share her world, to the world. it takes a lot to open yourself to the world, share your story. The great part is,it’s a give-and-take – the moment you open yourselfup – the world comes rushing!

I want to also talk about another role model, #KiranMazumdarShaw. You know, reading about someone’s story to us, becomes just that – a story. but if you really sit to think about the way someone like Kiran went through her start. It was a gradual steady progression that led to where she is today. And from the looks of it, there’s no stopping this woman.

She’s had to take a lot of ‘NOs’ in her life before things 10biocon1

began to turn around. To me, that has to have a greater ‘yes’ somewhere deep inside that keeps you going in the face of rejection and doubt.

We all struggle. At times we also question our choices, but I think having this unquestionable faith in your vision and yourself is what encourages continuity. The great thing is persistence in turn gives you the growing strength you need to carry on.

Yes, it’s tough. yes, there will be times you will want to throw in the towel and call it a day. But hang in there. The times that are hardest are the ones where your best ideas and growth will emerge. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground.

Happy ‘Business Women’s Day’ Ladies!

The author, Caroline Fernandes is a social entrepreneur and learner Caroline Fernandes

You can connect with her on twitter: @CarolineVibha

Trisha Malika Ghosh is a Marcom specialist, a media professional, a writer, a sports enthusiast and co-owner of a renewable energy solutions company! Here’s how she does it!

Trisha Malika Ghosh is the Director – Marketing and Communications at RAH Infotech Pvt Ltd, a leading IT distribution major based in Gurgaon.

Trisha is also a freelance media professional, a writer who is about to shortly publish her first book, a co-owner of Swastica Solar Solutions and a sports enthusiast who has been on various organizing committees of Commonwealth Games 2010 and Lusofonia Games Goa 2014.

Vibha is happy to feature Trisha’s exciting career story in our #ShareYourStory series.


I spent my childhood in London where my father was working as a professor in a University. Later we returned to India and settled in Aligarh, UP. I completed my higher education in Aligarh Muslim University and earned dual Masters’ degree in Commerce and Journalism and Mass Communication. I majored in Film Making.

My parents have played a great role in my life and are a big influence too. I am the younger sibling so I was quite pampered by everyone, I had a lovely childhood. I was brought up with lot of love and protection. I was never scolded as I was a very sensitive child and an obedient child. However, as kids have to be given training, for them to function properly in this world, I too had to be taught. But my parents had a very creative way to deal with us. They always reasoned out explaining everything in length and then we were left to take decisions on our own. We were taught to take decisions independently and responsibly. My parents always encouraged and supported both my brother and I to do things that we liked to do. Both being from an academic background, knew very well how to bring out our creative aspects and let us grow, providing a congenial environment for it. They spent a lot of time with us.

Even as I child I was an avid reader and continue to be so. I started to write from the age of eight. My imagination has been very strong so that has helped me in my writing and my father being a professor of English Literature and a Critic has helped me built my skills.

I have always been very concerned about the environment. All environmental issues bother me. When I came to know about Solar Energy from one of my employments, I decided to promote it for the well-being of the planet and for those people who are spending their lives in darkness and backwardness due to the absence of power in their areas they are living in. That is how I established Swastica Solar Solutions with my friend who was willing to invest in the not so profitable and unconventional business. The tagline for Swastica is ‘Enlighting Lives Naturally’ and that is what we are trying to do.

Apart from all the work that I do, I am a big foodie, so I love to cook, experiment in the kitchen and entertain my friends at home. My other interests are travelling and documentary making. I enjoy my life in every way I can and love to be with happy and progressive people. The motive of my life is to be happy, to progress and to add value and happiness to the lives around me. I value time and utilize every minute of it. I am a free spirit and live my life in the same way, without any confinements.  

Your career path

I am a gluttonous learner and very inquisitive about things. The same quest has made me take jobs across different industries and profiles. While I was studying I did part-time teaching for 10+2 students. After attaining my degree in Mass Communication, I have worked with leading corporates like Wipro, DELL and VLCC, with Organizing Committees of Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 and Lusofonia Games Goa 2014 and with start-ups. I have also done a short stint as an Assistant Director with a leading film production house.

I have not walked the conventional path in my career. I wanted to take up all the skills that interested me so I opted for a difficult path. I have been lucky to have grown with every new job and I would like to attribute that growth to my employers and seniors who vested their faith in me, gave me an opportunity to learn and discover the skills in me and let me implement the skills and one of them is Mr. Ashok Kumar, the CEO of RAH Infotech with whom I work presently. My job with RAH Infotech suits my temperament as it is the leading VAD in Network and Security in the country. IT Industry is ever evolving and has something new to offer every day. Marcom is a highly creative and challenging profile, so the industry and profile keeps me excited all the time and is giving to ample scope to learn. The company is also one of the best places to work.  

On Writing 

I just love to write. I have written and write on varied subjects on my blog and the features that I have written for The Times of India in the past. I write poetry. I experiment in my writing too. I have not confined myself to a particular style. My favourite areas are Art, Indian Heritage, Spiritualism, Life and Health. Off late, being a part of a Network and Security company, I have also started to do technical writing that I enjoy thoroughly.

Very soon I am also going to release my first book ‘Secret Confessions of a Lover’, which is a romantic fiction. The book is very intense and covers all the aspects of love and life and I am quite thrilled about it. It took me five years to complete it and I cannot wait to see how readers would respond to it.  

On wearing multiple hats

I am quite high on energy and sitting idle is a nightmare. My mind is constantly at work, so working on multiple avenues keeps me happy and invigorated.   Marcom specialist is my full time job with RAH Infotech. I am a freelance media professional as I want to keep a way open to do Social Journalism. Writing comes to me naturally and I do it every day effortlessly, I do not have to find time for it, it just happens.

I came to love sports ever since I did Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 and Lusofonia Games Goa 2014. We have got a lot of good sports talent in our country but unfortunately only cricket is given importance and promoted. Different federations are working very hard to promote their form of sport in the county but they are not getting that much support so I am working closely with some senior officials in the Federations and the Indian Olympic Committee to promote other sports equally in the country.

Our company, Swastica’s major operations are run by my friend who is an engineer, as it requires technical expertise and I contribute in areas like communications, relationship building and community service. Managing multiple tasks is not a challenge for me. All the work is organised before I start to work. It is my practice that I organise and plan my work in my mind before I do it. I use my time prudently and strictly adhere to my planner.

All these things together keep me excited and happy about life. I love to do different things together to keep monotony at bay. I cannot bear monotony.

Taking on challenges

I have always taken challenges as learning experiences, every single day I strive to learn and grow. If I have not learnt anything new with a new day then I think I am not progressing. Most of all I like to challenge myself. With every single job I take a new role so that I can learn a new skill set and that is how I have built my skills. I choose my jobs judiciously, I work with organisations and seniors where I think I will be supported and will be given a chance to grow while adding value to the organisation.  

About Swastica Solar Solutions

Swastica-LogoSwastica Solar Solutions is more of a social initiative rather than a business. I started Swastica with my friend five years back to promote the renewable source of energy against the depleting conventional sources.

It was quite shocking and disheartening to know then, that 57% of our country is in the dark while we enjoy power and air conditioned malls, offices and homes 24×7. Due lack of power in the areas, they are backward and people are struck with poverty.

Even though the government is taking several initiatives to promote the form of energy people are still hesitant to use it or support it. Only government’s work alone cannot do the magic. There are many organisations, now who are investing in this form of Energy as a social responsibility but many more need to do the same. Villages can be adopted and many other measures can be taken to implement Solar Energy in these far flung backward areas.

UP, Bihar and Jharkhand top the list. We need to create a lot of awareness about the uses and benefits of solar energy. India and especially northern India receives maximum solar irradiance and is very favorable for the implementation and use of solar energy.

We at Swastica educate people in both rural and urban areas about the benefits of Solar Energy. We do not market ourselves. People come to us on their own. We have done campus lighting for a leading school in Ghaziabad and have installed solar heating systems in quite a few guest houses, hotels and hospitals in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. We distribute solar home lighting systems free to the poor people in the interiors so that they can enjoy some form of light over the conventional lantern. When I have enough resources I would like to follow and promote a model similar to Gujarat. The word Swastica means ‘circle of the sun’ and I intend to make it shine that way.  

Role Models

Swami Vivekananda, Robin Sharma and Sushmita Sen.

Essential ingredients for a successful career

One should always follow his heart whether it is in life or his work.

I believe a person only excels in what he loves to do.

Excellence comes with hard work and the spirit for hard work comes from the love for it and where there is hard work success is inevitable.  

Women Empowerment is…

Being kind, righteous and courageous is my definition for women empowerment.

The most perfect woman to me is my mother. She is very soft and simple at the same time she is very strong and independent.

I believe that a woman should be gentle in the normal conduct of life but at the same time internally she should be very strong, independent, should know how to assert herself and be fierce when required.

My mother has always taught me to be quiet, patient and to control my emotions and at the same time has also taught me to speak my mind when required and to stand against injustice.   

We thank Trisha for sharing her story with our readers!!

If you are interested in learning more about Swastica Solar Solutions, please head over to their Facebook page. You can also mail/contact them.

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