BuzzingBubs solves a fundamental problem faced by parents. And how!!!

Priyanka Sehgal and Sunena Saigal are full-time moms and first-time entrepreneurs who founded BuzzingBubs, a hub for meticulously curated fun activities for kids and content for parents.


Sunena Saigal and Priyanka Sehgal

Priyanka Sehgal previously worked for a Lighting Consultancy Firm ( Available Light NY – now known as AWA Lighting Designers) and as a freelance Interior Designer. She is a Fine Art Graduate from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai specializing in Interior Design.

Sunena Saigal has a Post Graduate Degree in Human Resources from Symbiosis, Pune. She previously worked as a User Interface Designer at Inter globe Technologies, New Delhi and freelanced as a Graphic Designer after moving to Bangalore in 2005.

Priyanka and Sunena are thrilled to share their entrepreneurship story with us!

buzzingbubs-com-logo came into being on April 23, 2014 after the two of us actually went through challenges of parenting kids with boundless energy, which meant that we provide them just the right mix of activities to keep them entertained at all times! After prolonged initial thinking and planning to see how we can serve the interests of parents with kids who are similarly placed as ourselves, we decided that a web based communication medium would be best suited to provide readable, useful and interesting material to our target audience. Since we are based in Bangalore, we kept it as our city of focus presently. We intend to branch out to other cities going forward!

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The Inspiration to Startup

Our inspiration came through the needs of our sons, who are almost of the same age. We realized that, between us, we needed to do a fair bit of endless research – whether in finding the right toys, thinking of fun things to do on weekends, deciding on where to eat out, to go on a holiday or planning the perfect birthday party. We found that there was enormous satisfaction in doing things right, but the major challenge was the absence of where to go for accurate enough information on what we could plan to do and where to find it. While a lot of generic commercial information was broadly available from various sources, they lacked that local and personal touch which makes a big difference. It dawned on us that various mothers we met had similar experiences whether they were planning a birthday party or deciding on an outing.

Very soon, we discovered that our friends found our research work useful when we found ourselves heavily in demand! We became the source of trusted local information which they seemed to value.

This triggered us to realize that there was room for a medium which would give a different and refreshing experience to our community of parents. It was great to see that we shared similar situations and needs with kids of nearly the same age, facing similar challenges and finding solutions the hard way every time. BuzzingBubs became our labour of love to provide a platform for parents like us who value the time we spend with our kids by making it more fun, meaningful and memorable. We set our goals to provide varied content so that each would find their niche area of interest and provide useful feedback from time to time. This interactive process has resulted in a fund of valuable contributors who have enriched our site over the last year!!!


We have been able to cut out the noise and curate information which has been found to be useful, from a parents’ perspective. Whether it’s recommending the most kid-friendly restaurants or the best children’s parks in Bangalore, we have captured and highlighted information that parents care about and provided a clearer picture at a glance. Our contributors are our assets and they have helped us to provide a holistic and well-rounded content.

Our aim is to give emphasis to quality at all times. We see this as our differentiator from others who seem to value quantity as a focus area in this domain!

Overcoming Challenges

Balancing work and family time should come right on top as far as challenges go! Grasping all the technicalities that come with running a website, like learning HTML tags for example, provides enough excitement as we keep improving from day to day on the job. We are still driven by our own convictions we started with and to keep going on the same track is enough to keep us busy…..very busy indeed!

Managing our personal and professional lives

We try to get as much work done while the kids are at school. BuzzingBubs is officially shut on the weekends. If work takes us somewhere on those off days, we include the kids as well to make it a fun activity. That way weekends and holidays continue to keep us close to our kids and family.

Plans for the future

We decided to cover the needs of parents in Bangalore in-depth as a starter and find that it is absorbing enough. We certainly wish to take BuzzingBubs to other major cities in India.

Role models/Inspirational Books

Our favourite book that we would recommend and has inspired us is Founders Dilemma by Noam Wasserman . A must read for anyone contemplating on starting a new business.

Advice to women entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs

It is indeed our belief that anyone with a good idea should get started. That is half the work done already!! Believe in your idea no matter how simple it is. An idea, executed well is what makes a difference. Above all, learn to enjoy stress- which is the best way to beat it!!

Vibha immensely thanks Priyanka and Sunena for sharing the story about their entrepreneurial journey with us. We wish them all the best for their future plans.

You can visit BuzzingBubs website and follow their social profiles for more details!


20 inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs by the ones who never gave up

Have you ever asked yourself if entrepreneurship is worth all the stress that comes along with it? You sometimes wish that you hadn’t taken the proverbial “road less traveled”.

But what we all actually need is a little push. Some inspiration. Something that sets your heart racing and gets you back on the saddle.

A handful of inspiring quotes from the ones who never gave up to the ones that won’t either!

Let us know what keeps you motivated. What are your favorite quotes? We’ll be glad to hear from you!

Mridula Arora, Founder of MyBabyCart has built a business that is empowering mompreneurs and helping them regain self-esteem, confidence and most importantly financial independence.

We are thrilled to bring you another inspiring story this week of Mridula Arora, Founder of MyBabyCart.

Mridula is one of our esteemed panelists in Vibha’s launch event on 14th February 2015.


Mridula Arora did her engineering from NIT Kurukshetra and worked in the IT industry for 12 years in companies such as Infosys and payment startup mChek before starting MyBabyCart.

MyBabyCart is an online platform for mompreneurs and women to showcase and sell their exclusive products for babies, kids and women.

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MyBabyCart didn’t start out this way. The story of how it evolved is inspiring. We’ll let Mridula share her incredible entrepreneurial journey and how MyBabyCart is empowering and transforming the lives of many mompreneurs! 

What was your AHA moment? What made you start your own business?

After I had a baby, I thought of starting my own business as it gave me flexibility of time and helped me maintain my own identity. During this endeavor I realized I must help many more moms who are educated and quite talented but have left their job to take care of their kids.

I strongly believe that women in India are enterprising by nature, so entrepreneurship comes naturally to them.

I grew up in joint family and women in our house used to do lot of crochet, knitting and embroidery work. I was really inspired by that and wanted to do something for such talented women who make amazing stuff at home but have no avenue to sell them.

Tell us about MyBabyCart.

MyBabyCart (MBC for short) is an online platform for women entrepreneurs who are Moms as well whom I love to call ‘Mompreneurs’.

MBC is a platform to help them re-gain their self-esteem, confidence and financial freedom.

We aim to help moms build business out of their passion –  they make products of their choice and capability and then we help them to reach out to far-flung customers online. 

MBC is a strong community of 150+ Mompreneurs, growing every day.

MBC provides complete infrastructure to sell products online. We help moms do the cataloging of products, provide complete logistics, customer service & marketing support. Once an order is placed, all the Mompreneur needs to do is pack the product and keep it ready for pickup from her place.

MBC leverages the power of the Internet through its distributed organization model. Our ‘customer moms‘ solve all our customer queries from their home. Our ‘product moms‘ describe products beautifully in words by looking at sample of products sent to their home. Our ‘mother bloggers‘ have immense knowledge and many ideas to share with our readers via their blogs. 

Tell us about the challenges you faced when you started and how you overcame them?

My Baby Cart started in 2012 with 4 founders with initial funding from family & friends. We managed to launch a website and began work. It started out as a platform for selling children products but by January 2013 we were at the verge of shutting shop due to lack of investment. But I decided to take over the domain and started working on different ideas from scratch. Firstly I started working with offline retailers but it was little difficult to convince them and meet the T&Cs. During this time I was very clear about the need to provide unique merchandise to customers via MBC platform. Finally by December 2013, I started working with moms & realized they are the ones that I can help and have amazingly unique merchandise. Its been an amazing journey since then and I’ve met many talented Mompreneurs and learned a lot! 

For me this journey has been about failing fast, trying new things, doing what I believed in and finally being successful.

Here are a couple of pics from mompreneurs’ meet that I’m part of.


Bangalore Mompreneurs’ Meet


Mumbai Mompreneurs’ Meet

What marketing strategies did you use when you first started?

Our strategy was simple. Grow with the community of Moms. Help to build the community of mompreneurs and reach out to moms through various networks and groups. As an online platform we try to take all the pain of selling and try to ease the journey of mompreneurs as much as we can.

Do you have any role models/books that have inspired you?

I am very inspired by Derek Sivers of CDBaby who created a website for independent musicians & gave them a platform to sell their CDs online.

Inspirational books like Magic of Thinking Big make you realize that your biggest resource is your mind. So think big and then try to exceed them!

What is your advice for women entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t fear falling and have the courage to walk again!  

Don’t forget to check out  MBC’s website for some great products for kids and newborns.

If you are interested in registering yourself as a Mompreneur and selling then please visit

You can also follow MyBabyCart’s social profiles. They have some interesting articles/blogs for parents!

Facebook –

Twitter –

Vibha thanks Mridula for sharing her story! Please leave your comments below if you’ve found the article interesting. Yeah…and share away!

Anu Krishna, CMO of Citrya Innovations and a passionate writer talks about entrepreneurship, focussing on customers and value creation and how iEmerge will eventually replace the business card as it exists today

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

In our continuous effort to inspire entrepreneurship, we start the year by bringing to you the story of Anu Krishna, CMO of Citrya Innovations in our #ShareYourStory series

AnuKAnu Krishna studied finance, worked on audits in a variety of industries and later made the hard decision to put her career on hold as a mom.

In her second stint, she re-engaged in a different avatar as a writer doing a 2-year program at Writers Bureau, UK, and being published in a variety of places. The writing helped Anu discover her passion for communication, her innate need to engage with people and create great associations which led to engagement with operations and marketing in the last few years.

Here are some of her published works (in Deccan Herald and on YourStoryClub) on diverse topics that make for highly engaging reads – Romancing Venice , Circle of Life , The sweet tale of a bitter fruit , Magical Rhapsody and Musings of a strange night which became the most popular short story in September 2012.

Anu Krishna currently leads the Marketing and Communications at Citrya Innovations

We asked Anu to share her story with Vibha and she gladly agreed.

Tell us about your association with Citrya? How did it start?

I wouldn’t claim credit for starting the business but having been part of the process, I can speak for it. Uma and Krish got together to start Citrya before I came on board. In their stint at a multinational companies, they had built a wonderful new product and saw its success from ideation to world wide acceptance over 2.5 years partnering with so many people worldwide. It taught them patience, commitment and perseverance which is what product building is all about.

We got together and felt we can make a huge contribution to the Indian eco-system and felt like we had the right mix of attitude, commitment and expertise to do just that. But this endeavor needed great people and when the partnership fell in place, we decided we had all the right ingredients for success.

What excited me about Citrya was the huge focus on making technology work for people rather than the other way around.

Tell us more about Citrya Innovations. Who are your target customers?

We are a complex business, but our focus today is on personal identity.citrya LogoSmall

We want to initially supplement and eventually replace the business card as it exists today.

We are creating what we call a Digital Presence Card branded iEmerge to signify the emergence of a comprehensive persona.


iEmerge Card

The card builds your personality and does not just treat you as a phone number. It allows you to display your work and understand you as a persona which, as we all know builds businesses. The card is digital which means great reach through social media, shareable, convenient to store into your contacts and easy to access ensuring you will never forget a contact or be forgotten, unlike today, where 90% of business cards are discarded.

This is also environment friendly which we like and to encourage that, we are giving away FREE cards. You can get yours at

Our target customers are Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Job seekers and businesses who have a need for analytics.

What are the challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?

When we started, we started out to change the world as everyone does. We started building a complex infrastructure but quickly realized that the market needed very different and simple technological solutions to solve everyday problems. We pivoted and evolved technologies that would conquer complexity and Make Life Easier for people. What better example and what better place to start than the ubiquitous business card!

We resisted the temptation to pick up services as a means of revenue stream, and also defer investment initially to build the customer base and core value.  These are not easy to do when you are in your initial stages.

We would advice every entrepreneur to do just that – focus on customers and value, and investment will happen.

How do you market your business?

Our product markets itself. Every iEmerge card shared is seen by another potential customer. We currently use word of mouth and social media.

Do you have any business role models/books that have inspired you?

Steve Jobs inspired us in many ways than one. He believed in giving customers what they don’t yet know they need rather than collecting requirements and meeting them.

What is your advice for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Simple. Entrepreneurship is about conquering fear. Lots of people will tell you that this path is difficult. Make no mistake, they are right.

But dreams are never easy. If you dared to dream, garner the strength to listen to and learn from the advice you receive and not be discouraged by it! That will ensure you live your dream and not someone else’s!

Don’t forget to get your FREE iEmerge profile at

If you are interested in finding out more about Citrya Innovations or upgrading to higher plans for iEmerge card, please use the links below




Phone: +91 8971368800

We thank Anu for sharing her story with us!

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“Life is an empty canvas and it is in your hands to add color to it” says Savitha Reddy, CEO of inlingua, Bangalore.

Vibha is excited to feature Savitha Reddy, CEO of inlingua, Bangalore in our Share Your Story series. Savitha is one of our esteemed panelists in the upcoming Vibha event on 14th February 2015.

Savitha Reddy

Savitha Reddy, CEO, inlingua, Bangalore

Savitha Reddy has a degree in Masters in Business Administration from Mount Carmel Institute of Management. She started inlingua in Bangalore in the year 2005 and has been successfully managing the business for the last 10 years growing it into one of the top language training schools in India.

inlingua offers training in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Italian and other foreign languages to corporates, colleges and retail clients. She has 3 offices in Bangalore and a team of about 40 teaching and non-teaching members.

Savitha’s vision is to combine training and technology and build one of the top training organisations in the world and offer online training via virtual classrooms.

Savitha Reddy is also on the Executive Committee of CII-Yi Bangalore (Young Indians chapter of CII for entrepreneurs/Professionals below 40 years) and is the Co-Chair for their learning vertical.

When she is not working she loves playing a fool with her 2 lovely kids.She is also actively into running and trekking. Yoga is what keeps her fit and going. In her free time she loves immersing herself in painting, writing and poetry. Here are some of her incredible paintings

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What was your AHA moment? What made you start your own business?

After having completed my MBA, I was looking at options and possibilities of engaging myself. Working 9 to 6 in a corporate world did not entice me as it would mean limiting myself to the boundaries set and not having the freedom to create the life I wanted. So the only other option I could think of was being my own boss and starting my own business.

When I was looking for ideas, I came across a friend who was working for a local language training firm and I would hear stories about how many people would approach them wanting to learn English and after investing their time and money, were disappointed in the end by not getting what they were looking for. A quick research on the market showed that there were no organised players in the language training market in Bangalore offering all languages under one roof using a tried and tested methodology. That’s when I realized the huge potential in this segment and was able to see the opportunities it would create for people by learning languages.

Tell us about inlingua. Who are your target customers?


inlingua offers English and Foreign language training in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese for corporates, retail clients and colleges. We work with many of the top IT companies in Bangalore and train their team members in one of the languages. We also work with the management colleges in Bangalore and offer training to their students. Apart from this, we have 3 retail centers, one in Jayanagar, Malleswaram and HRBR Layout and train students who walk into our centers. The main target group is the management and engineering students and the working professionals mostly from the IT sector.

What are the challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?

One of the challenges that I faced initially was having jumped into business without any relevant experience, whatsoever. I had to learn everything on my own from the scratch. It took a lot of time initially to understand and get the basics right from hiring the right people, to managing them, understanding the market, putting the systems and procedures in place etc.

The only way, I could overcome is to keep going and keep doing and trying out new things. I learnt from the mistakes I made and kept going. I kept learning and growing.

How do you market your business?

Marketing mainly happens through word of mouth, references, Google search and online presence. Initially, when I started, there was some press coverage and the articles in the newspapers gave us the required momentum and sustained us in the first couple of years. Later it has been mainly through references and word of mouth.

Do you have any business heroes/books that have inspired you?

Yes. Reading about Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Captain Gopinath was very inspiring. There are a lot of lessons to learn from their growth and success stories. The thing common among most of these people is their creativity, imagination and extraordinary vision they had for their business. They could go into the future and see what others couldn’t see and went about creating it. Listening to one’s inner voice and following our heart is what I feel differentiates these people from others.

Somehow, we already know the answers to all our questions. All that we need to do is follow that awareness, take the risk and jump into it. The inner voice never lies. The key is to know how to differentiate it from the external noise and once you are able to do it, nothing can stop us.

What is your advice for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Follow your heart, Listen to the inner voice. Specially the aspiring entrepreneurs take the cue and jump into it and give your 100% to it. Do not always go by what others tell you. Do not limit yourself by their realities.

Life is an empty canvas and it is in your hands to add color to it.

Keep doing what you are doing and never ever give up. Specially the entrepreneurs, who have already started, keep going, keep doing and do not allow anything or anyone to ever stop you. If you do not know something or feel stuck somewhere, go ahead and find out, talk to people, take help, take the risk and continue growing.

Believe in yourself! If you do not believe nobody else would. Network with the right people. Find some mentors who have been there, done that. That would help you shorten the journey, instead of reinventing the wheel. Invest in people. Identify the right talent, retain the people and build a strong team. They will then build your organisation!!

Thank you Savitha, for sharing your story!!!

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If you are interested in finding out more about inlingua, Bangalore or would like to follow/ connect with Savitha Reddy, please use the links below