You know that feeling of uneasiness you get when you try something new, something different, something that you’ve never done before – that will lead you onward towards your goals ?

That fear ?
It’s OK to be scared and it’s OK to recognize that that feeling has been stopping you all this while.
This is our comfort zone.
It is the space we prefer taking because it reminds of of being safe and at ease.
Take time to understand that EVERYTIME you reach out to do something like this, you will feel this way. You will want to cower down and curl up and shy away from anything that causes disturbance to that comfort zone you live in.
But to really really get to that goal ?
That is, at some point, going to require YOUR conscious effort.
It is going to ask you to STEP UP.
To do things you have NEVER EVER done before.
To shed that shell and take that step to do what is burning deep inside of you.
It is scary. And those fear are honestly never going to go away.
Because once you have conquered it – you have the next level of fear and comfort- zone- breaking to breach.
So don’t you think it’s time to get comfortable with your fears ?
Even in the Gita, it is said to get LOST in the process. And that the effort is more important than the goal itself. leave it
This way, when we get lost it in it, we revel in the fact that we took that step.
This also helps bring down the stress we allow to build inside of us , that we use to beat ourselves down, when we haven’t yet reached our goal.
It’s OK.
It’s OK to not YET reach it.
And it’s OK to recognize that. Take all the time you need to do so
And then you keep going. And revel in the process, acknowledge the fears. And acknowledge your action DESPITE your fears.

Have an ambitious, fear- filling, process – pleasing 2017 people.
Loads of Love   


The author is an Executive Coach & Social Entrepreneur

Twitter: CarolineVibha



Maybe it was a sub-conscious decision, nonetheless, it was a choice!

Take color. Take depth. Take design. And what does all that underscore? Creative design.

We got three intimately creative brands under one roof. Literally!

One shoot. One day. One Home. Oh…Fab fun!

We were wondering what kind of feature we could highlight. We usually interview Women in Business and their aim to have them talk about their journey, the why  behind their venture and what you as readers could possibly connect with.

This time around,seeing as how it’s the HolidaysUntitled

and all,we thought we would throw in a very Christmas-y  spin on things.

And yes, get personal. So, we got three

special ladies who really go the extra mile where personalized

care is concerned.

We aren’t doing the interviews here. That’s because we decided with just a peak and visuals, we’d have you coming back for more.


Photography : Rashmi Varier, Jewelry: Khyati Sagar, Furnishing & Models: Deena Rodrigues & Nitya Rao, Styling: Caroline Fernandes


We didn’t plan on this delightfully cute furniture to match so effortlessly with what we styled them in that day. But, we’re definitely not complaining.

Chairs and Company: For this duo inspiration is drawn from sources from around the world. Design styles, prints, knowledge of craftsmanship and carefully breathed  into a contemporary twist.

‘This is what we do. And this is what makes our pieces unique. Our products allow you to enjoy age-old traditions and craftsmanship of different cultures, made relevant for today’s contemporary living. And in that allows one to preserve a part of history worthy of passing down as a part of a legacy.’ 

Chairs and Company is also a reminder of the roots of the brand. They started out with four chairs and, well…things to accompany them.

“Of course, we  are also great company for each other, on this adventure to being entrepreneurs.”

Kenisha by K Design: So, for me, you see I’ve always been a crazy fan of silver jewelry. Give me boho. Give me sexy. Give me Kenisha by K Design.

Founded by Khyati Sagar early this year, Khyati’s designs are delicately enduring. Some subtle. Some that remind you of a mix of higher consciousness, between quantum physics and spirituality.

Dramatic to say the least!


Enter a caption

Jewelry : Kenisha by K Design, Khyati Sagar

Rashmi Varier Productions Private Limited:  Founded by Rashmi Varier, is a hybrid media content development and delivery production house.

Under the two-pronged approach, Rashmi focuses her lens on two of her loves:

Adara – Bespoke Images & Films.

“Targeted at the Everyday Woman to rekindle their zest for life. We also highlight success stories of those who faced adversity and come out on top and have inspired others to forge ahead in their pursuit of happiness.”

Pots. Pans & A Camera – Food & Drink Images & Films.

“Our aim is to bridge cultural gaps through the universal language of food & drinks showcasing, artisan and boutique cafes, age old closely guarded recipes and an innate passion for the culinary sciences.

“We’re looking at bringing in more people to join us as service partners to provide best practices within the industry and offer a truly one-stop solution for all marketing and advertising requirements.”



To me, customization spells the epitome of personalized care and the labors of love that can creatively bring out the best in you, dear customer.

From the entire team of Vibha we want to wish you a wonderful and meaningful time during the Holidays!


You can reach out to them via their pages on Facebook:


Adara – Bespoke Fashion & Portrait Imagery  I Pots. Pans And A Camera

Khyati: Kenisha By K Design

Deena & Nitya: Chairs  & Company


The author is a Social Entrepreneur & Learner.

Twitter: Carolinevibha


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