There’s a bias that implies that we have a tendency to want to be around people whom we find ‘ Just like us’, in some way or another.

Unconscious bias and creating a sense of belongingness at work ( & everywhere ) :


‘Oh…. I dont see any similarities between you and me, therefore, I can’t work with you . spend time with you / etc etc’.
( you get my drift )

I must admit, that in some way, if I look at my work, I do like working with folks I like.

Yesterday one of my tenured mentors gave me a very different perspective on this.
On return from a project overseas, the realization of a cosmopolitan, diversified culture , he shared, was an optimal environment for the space he is into.

This led me to think that ‘Just like me’, is not largely optimal, if my intention is to serve value meaningfully.

To allow me to create more value, I have to allow myself to open up to newness and what’s not ‘Just like me’.

Today I intend on practicing the sense of ‘Belongingness’

I belong to you
You belong to me

This intrinsically breaks barriers we might be unaware of ‘ Unconscious biases’, that stop us from opening up, and living fully.

Practicing the sense of ‘Belongingness’
This not only encourages curiosity but allows me to explore spaces and concepts I have no knowledge, let alone wisdom, of.

I am going to make a conscious effort to go beyond the ‘Just like me’ space, to the space that is new, uncomfortable, unfamiliar too.

#unconsciousbias #belongingness


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