People wonder what is the ‘right’ book or the right way to give them readymade solutions.


The nature of a business or a challenge itself aren’t sufficient to give anyone the ‘right’ solution.

Look around you and you will observe that any hard and fast formula has never worked.
In fact it won’t even work for that same person at a different point in time.

Many factors including time, knowledge, right people ( can you think of any more ? ) all culminate to unfold what will happen.

But being inspired by another’s journey, reading case studies, asking insightful questions, attending networking events and building your own ecosystem are some meaningful ways to enable to u to find your OWN way.

Don’t expect a mentor to spoon feed you. After all they are chasing their own dreams. When they give their time, value it. Go prepared with information and asks. And be clear of what it is you are looking for.

Networking has always been very valuable because bring selective about sessions and your need help you know when you have seen a match.

Build relationships. Credibility and ownership are intrinsic to sustainable partnerships and collaboration.

Most of all be genuine with yourself. Know your self . Understand what it is you really really want.
And ask yourself – What can I offer you that can benefit you ?
An attitude of a win-win always takes you that much farther. This is your mature, mindful self letting others know you’re considerate enough to understand that relationships are at the heart of every long term system of progress, growth and success.


The author is a Social entrepreneur and Executive Coach.

#iamvibha #vibhawomen #carolinevibha



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