BuzzingBubs solves a fundamental problem faced by parents. And how!!!

Priyanka Sehgal and Sunena Saigal are full-time moms and first-time entrepreneurs who founded BuzzingBubs, a hub for meticulously curated fun activities for kids and content for parents.


Sunena Saigal and Priyanka Sehgal

Priyanka Sehgal previously worked for a Lighting Consultancy Firm ( Available Light NY – now known as AWA Lighting Designers) and as a freelance Interior Designer. She is a Fine Art Graduate from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai specializing in Interior Design.

Sunena Saigal has a Post Graduate Degree in Human Resources from Symbiosis, Pune. She previously worked as a User Interface Designer at Inter globe Technologies, New Delhi and freelanced as a Graphic Designer after moving to Bangalore in 2005.

Priyanka and Sunena are thrilled to share their entrepreneurship story with us!

buzzingbubs-com-logo came into being on April 23, 2014 after the two of us actually went through challenges of parenting kids with boundless energy, which meant that we provide them just the right mix of activities to keep them entertained at all times! After prolonged initial thinking and planning to see how we can serve the interests of parents with kids who are similarly placed as ourselves, we decided that a web based communication medium would be best suited to provide readable, useful and interesting material to our target audience. Since we are based in Bangalore, we kept it as our city of focus presently. We intend to branch out to other cities going forward!

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The Inspiration to Startup

Our inspiration came through the needs of our sons, who are almost of the same age. We realized that, between us, we needed to do a fair bit of endless research – whether in finding the right toys, thinking of fun things to do on weekends, deciding on where to eat out, to go on a holiday or planning the perfect birthday party. We found that there was enormous satisfaction in doing things right, but the major challenge was the absence of where to go for accurate enough information on what we could plan to do and where to find it. While a lot of generic commercial information was broadly available from various sources, they lacked that local and personal touch which makes a big difference. It dawned on us that various mothers we met had similar experiences whether they were planning a birthday party or deciding on an outing.

Very soon, we discovered that our friends found our research work useful when we found ourselves heavily in demand! We became the source of trusted local information which they seemed to value.

This triggered us to realize that there was room for a medium which would give a different and refreshing experience to our community of parents. It was great to see that we shared similar situations and needs with kids of nearly the same age, facing similar challenges and finding solutions the hard way every time. BuzzingBubs became our labour of love to provide a platform for parents like us who value the time we spend with our kids by making it more fun, meaningful and memorable. We set our goals to provide varied content so that each would find their niche area of interest and provide useful feedback from time to time. This interactive process has resulted in a fund of valuable contributors who have enriched our site over the last year!!!


We have been able to cut out the noise and curate information which has been found to be useful, from a parents’ perspective. Whether it’s recommending the most kid-friendly restaurants or the best children’s parks in Bangalore, we have captured and highlighted information that parents care about and provided a clearer picture at a glance. Our contributors are our assets and they have helped us to provide a holistic and well-rounded content.

Our aim is to give emphasis to quality at all times. We see this as our differentiator from others who seem to value quantity as a focus area in this domain!

Overcoming Challenges

Balancing work and family time should come right on top as far as challenges go! Grasping all the technicalities that come with running a website, like learning HTML tags for example, provides enough excitement as we keep improving from day to day on the job. We are still driven by our own convictions we started with and to keep going on the same track is enough to keep us busy…..very busy indeed!

Managing our personal and professional lives

We try to get as much work done while the kids are at school. BuzzingBubs is officially shut on the weekends. If work takes us somewhere on those off days, we include the kids as well to make it a fun activity. That way weekends and holidays continue to keep us close to our kids and family.

Plans for the future

We decided to cover the needs of parents in Bangalore in-depth as a starter and find that it is absorbing enough. We certainly wish to take BuzzingBubs to other major cities in India.

Role models/Inspirational Books

Our favourite book that we would recommend and has inspired us is Founders Dilemma by Noam Wasserman . A must read for anyone contemplating on starting a new business.

Advice to women entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs

It is indeed our belief that anyone with a good idea should get started. That is half the work done already!! Believe in your idea no matter how simple it is. An idea, executed well is what makes a difference. Above all, learn to enjoy stress- which is the best way to beat it!!

Vibha immensely thanks Priyanka and Sunena for sharing the story about their entrepreneurial journey with us. We wish them all the best for their future plans.

You can visit BuzzingBubs website and follow their social profiles for more details!


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