How to Make Your 2019 Action Plan and Stick to it

Do you believe unless there is a known destination, the journey may end up being fruitless?

Do you think unless there is a clear cut outcome to whatever you do in life, you are going to end up feeling unfulfilled?

Are you currently feeling unfulfilled that another year just passed by, and you couldn’t achieve anything substantial?

If yes, then you need Action Plan 2019. Action plan 2019 is your blueprint to achieve anything and everything that you want to in the year 2019; a promotion, better relationships, kids, enhancement of skills, spirituality, travel, some unfulfilled desires… you name it and achieve it!

Action plan 2019 - 1

I know you are wondering right now, Huh! I have done this quite a few times before and ended up with no results. How is this going to be different this time? Well, I will definitely tell you that. Before that you must know why you need the Action Plan and not a list of resolution or goals.

We humans are result oriented beings, we do things to feel accomplished, to grow, to become better version of ourselves or to prove to the world we are worth it. And, when we don’t have these needs fulfilled we tend to feel worthless, good for nothing and lost. That stops us from growing and striving for more. Making us stagnant in life eventually.

I have heard enumerable people telling me they have stopped making resolution and / or goals for the year. Because, Resolutions are meant to be broken! I know what they mean. Though it comes across as a joke, the actual problem is they don’t have the action plan to achieve those resolutions, and even if they had the action plan they don’t know how to pursue them relentlessly.

People who know me well know that the last week of every year I take off from work and other daily chores, put that time to use for creating my next year’s vision and action plan. I am a big believer of this. It has worked beautifully for me in all these years… whether it is to reach a certain space in profession, or achieving personal goals that I set for myself, action plan helped me accomplish them all with ease. So much so that in 2018 I have completed some of the goals that may seem way too ambitious to many…

  • Getting rid of my extreme fear of water and did my first open sea snorkeling.
  • Became a Certified Life Coach.
  • Getting two of my anthologies published and one more on the way to be published real soon.
  • Travel to Bali and got to see live volcano right in front of my eyes.
  • Touched lives of 10,000+ people in a positive way and more…

This year I plan to work with a few of you who truly want to achieve their most ambitious goals in life, yet don’t know how to successfully do it. In fact I had done a pilot last year with a few dedicated people to pursue their goals and seen awesome results. This year I plan to take this to a few notches higher. I want to personally work with a few people to create their action plan for 2019, help them achieve the same.

ACTION PLAN 2019 (2)

What is Action Plan 2019?

It is a blueprint of your vision, mission, goals and actions. It helps you understand why you do what you do, how you do it. What happens when you achieve it. It helps you structure your yearly goals into tiny actionable items that helps you stay on course to achieve them regularly. It also helps you stay focused on taking those tiny actionable steps to achieve them easily.

How do we work on this? 

  • Firstly, I am looking for only people who truly want to make a difference in their life in 2019 and ready to take actions for the same.
  • Secondly, people who can spend their 3 hours for this workshop on either 16th December or 22nd December 2018.
  • Thirdly, people need to be available physically on the day of the workshop in Bangalore.
  • Fourthly, when people come for the workshop they should have decided on some of the goals they want to achieve in 2019.

If you happen to be one of them, do comment below or email us at, with your Name, Email ID and Mobile Number, and my team will reach out to you. Let me caution you, this is going to be a serious workshop, with loads and loads of fun induced into it. And, it will be a paid workshop. If you are truly interested in change, you won’t have problem paying up. Would you?

What if you aren’t available for the workshop on that date? You can choose to reach out to my team @6360444968 and they will assist you on this.

What if you go through this exercise and still get no results? First of all we have checks in every point to see if your vision, goals and action plans are aligned with what you truly want to achieve in life. Secondly, we have virtual hand holding every time you feel lost and unable to achieve them. Last but not the least, you are going to be part of a equally driven circle of friends who will motivate you to strive for more. Help is right here, when you reach for the same.

Question is, will you give yourself another chance to prove that you are worth it? Ask this to yourself.

I am only looking for 10 driven and dedicated people to get this rolling… and they will be picked up based on first come first serve basis. You must be quick to respond, if you want to be part of this game changing workshop.


At the Park



Working Solo:

Being a solopreneur has it merits with how much *power* we own – 100%
Our chance to really hone in on focus deepen. And broaden too.
There’s an end-to-end experience with going solo. The one where skills required for front facing and back end work become essential.

With a Team :

When we interface with a team
There could be scope of some of the ownership being shared.

There’s the opportunity to do deep work in one area, and possibly stretch into another area to allow ourselves to feel challenged positively.

Scaling becomes exponentially a whole lot more of a possibility.

Learning, the opportunity to grow and share best practices, bouncing ideas with like-minded people, with unique experiences and skills becomes a melting pot of gold

Each channel to serve, add value and create impact has its ebb and flow.

We can expect different levels of chaos with each approach.

At the playground:
What will continue to show up :
Our ability to play nice
To harness self awareness
To practice Respect
To appreciate our strengths
To embrace areas for our growth

What can we become aware of:
Because beneath that surface of what’s visible, are the often unspoken interactions that continue to play on.

These are the messages that we are sending out and receiving – all the time

We can’t know everything

We most certainly don’t ourselves completely

In the game of life and while trying to build a great career, get a nice spouse / partner, meet our friends, eat, dance, jog, shop, make money, pray, read, watch TV, go for a drive, watch the sunset, swim, climb a mountain

The underlying message we are relaying in some way to another

Is how well we lived this life.

The author is an Executive coach and Mindfulness Practitioner


Practice Courage , Humility and Discipline



Why Coaching:

Seeking guidance through a Coach can empower us to become aware of our blind spots

To get called out on what we are avoiding or running away from
self defeating patterns of behavior that we play out unknowingly, but which stop us from achieving exactly what we want – saboteur

To grow beyond our comfort zone

A coach can powerfully support your growth despite your stories

Amidst confusion, denial, projection and getting lost in your story – w/o you even knowing it


Why Mentoring:

Seeking guidance through a Mentor can empower us by learning experiences

Not necessarily from a mentor with the exact business

This is a myth many continue to carry in them and operate from

That a mentor needs to have a specific set of skills to mentor.

Far from it.

Business and career have fundamental verticals and competencies that apply, regardless of the startup or career role you have

Bust the myths

Grow Exponentially

Ownership is Powerful

Practice #Courage , #Humility and #Discipline

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The author is an Executive Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner @carolineVibha

Many want and are attracted to the glamour – Drawn to the outside


Hardly ever realizing the amount of Inner Work
Required to sustain and build something that needs your dedication and commitment

Not passion,
But commitment

Because there will be many many many hard days
Beyond the initial excitement

Many jump on the early bandwagon
Me too
Me first
Me only

Hardly ever realizing the amount of sweat, tears, brain-doing
That gets invested in sustaining something

Easy to piggy back
Easy to dramatize

Hard work asks that we forget the drama
And quietly move forward

Amidst doubts
Amidst skepticism
Often alone
Because you can see it
What it will do
For many lives
Including your own

The selfish sense of fulfilment
Beyond the smoke and mirrors
Of the everyday drama

And it’s hard work
Many fall along the way
Many leave
Many quit
Many have no faith
Many can’t see

Put in the Work
The Inner Work

Cast aside the drama
And Work
With gratitude
With Appreciation


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The author is a an Executive Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner @CarolineVibha

I am using a lawsuit that I am initiating as a method to learn and understand the manner in which the legal system works here in India, especially when it comes to how women are supported


Some of you already know about the case of cheating, an FIR, that I filed a few months ago, and some of you – all with genuine intentions – also asked – what was I thinking getting into a business of transportation.

I would like to use my case to experiment and become fully aware of how the system pans out and governs or dictates the way we deal with legal issues here, and how the legal system treats us.

I am not a lawyer, and don’t have any intention of changing careers in this lifetime. But I am curious and focused.

When it comes to women, and support, I am aware that in many countries, there is a lot more governance designed around support for women.

These issues might not necessarily be women-centric, no.

But many women feel dis- empowered by the lack of family support, finances, no jobs, the thousands of voices that will rain down to stop her from :




As a woman living in a country with over 1 billion people.
Most of our population still lies in the rural areas.
Not a very reassuring proportion, when you look at the atrocities that women undergo.
From a perspective of

In Silence.


I ask:

How many women have the courage to approach someone. Anyone. If they are having issues – personally or professionally ?
How many women in this country feel empowered ?
Who will empower us ?
Whenever we speak up – we encourage others to do likewise.



I am aware we still live in an era / still stew in an unconscious -to – seemingly conscious mindset here, that is heavily bent on using emotional brain-washing for our advertisements

– Diwali and the other 5000 festivals – for strengthening family time ( hence family shopping – supporting consumerism )
– Life insurance schemes – pun intended ( for father son relationships ripening to bear fruit)
– Celebrities for brand endorsements ( because no one will buy you for your value here )

I would certainly be interested to explore the idea of campaigning more of Pro- Empowerment initiatives

Not #MeToo – which incidentally, and at a level beneath the surface has undertones, speaks volumes of the negativity that women or men have experienced. And really doesn’t offer much intentional value when it comes to the way forward.

Can we encourage campaigns that are positive, encouraging, empowering women to speak ?

Can we harness a culture that is MORE INCLUSIVE versus DIVERSE ? Because we are all human beings and deserve the right to equal opportunity when it comes to systems designed

The author is an Executive coach and Mindfulness Practitioner @Carolinevibha

Working with organizations and leaders allows me to co-create positive, curious and more feeling-centric spaces



Harnessing Emotional Intelligence can offer people who love their work, who enjoy collaboration, who are more resilient.

I’ve had divine grace through mentors who
have pushed me to dive inside myself.

Some revelations come easily. Others emerge in time.

Spaces in Me:
In the last few years, I have made a conscious decision to grow, in some areas.
But I realize that even through my growth, I have had huge blocks in some other areas too. My fears, have stopped me from moving ahead. And I have been unaware of these blocks, until they were called out. Calling them out leads to breakthroughs. Not tiny shifts. Powerful life-changing breakthroughs – that lead to Expansive Growth

Growth needs space to be, to question, to reflect mindfully, to notice and observe, to listen.

When have you felt the most space ?
What has the experience of space given you ?
How can it benefit others too?

What might conscious creation of non-judgemental space offer ?
#Organizationalgrowth #personalgrowth #creatingmindfulspaces #emotionalintelligence

The author is an Executive coach and Mindfulness Practitioner


Celebrating you at Vibha women



Kudos Bijna Bījna K. Dasani for all the wonderful work you have dedicated your self to doing
Here’s a feature in the NRI World magazine, Q4, 2017 on it.

We celebrate your journey and wins at Vibha women

Keep going 💓💓💓💓

#iamvibha #vibhawomen #womeninleadership

The author is an Executive Coach and Mindfulness practitioner



Awareness of what’s appropriate and what’s not, most likely happens through awareness itself


The more aware we are, of the goings on
The more we open up and speak
The more stories and experiences we are willing to share
Whenever we join hands in a spirit of strengthening a cause

Those are points in our experiences, when breakthroughs however tiny they are – happen.

This not just a gender- centric goal.

This is a goal for a healthier evolving global culture

One built firmly on respect, compassion and equanimity

These are times when technology can play an important part in the HOW of this message

How we choose to voice out
How we choose to bring our attention to the core values of kindness and love

Through open honest conversations
By addressing unconscious biases that permeate our everyday living

How we treat ourselves determines what we allow for ourselves and others in similar situations

How we treat others defines boundaries

What can we become aware of when it comes to healthy, respectful, kind living for each man and each woman ?

I’m bringing Her out again. It’s time for a few reminders


The author is an Executive Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner @CarolineVibha

Leadership Courage


One of the fundamental tenets for the Process of #ExecutiveCoaching Conversations is for an assessment on the Readiness of the Leader to Grow.

Growth is hard.

It changes the #definition of who we want to be and think we are.

It challenges our belief system.

The Ego is averse to change, and will fight hard to stay on.

Recently I experienced an opportunity to be challenged and observed how a part of me kept fighting the inputs.

So I reflected.

I asked myself – Why does this #Feedforward bother me so much ?

What can I learn about my resistance ?

My introductory meeting with Leaders is for this purpose –
↪ To ascertain the level of Readiness to receive valuable feedback and Feedforward from Stakeholders
↪ His or Her genuineness to Grow
↪ Who will be benefited from this Growth

Then no amount of time will create and offer any Positive Valuable Growth

Have you faced situations when you have resisted an opportunity to grow ?

What might be some Positive, Responsible ways to Approach Growth for you ?
#leadershipgrowth #leadershipgoals

The author is an Executive Coach and MinfMindful Practitioner



Leadership is the ability to think under fire


The ability to bring the mind to a calm and clear state ON DEMAND has become an increasing necessity with

➡ Changing external environments
➡ Increasing digital impact to business and
➡ The increasing need for leaders to bring in #EmotionalIntelligence EQ alongside IQ

Would you like to know how to calm your mind on demand ?

↪ In the boardroom
↪ Embracing #Diversity
↪ Changes and Critical #DecisionMaking
↪ During difficult  and stressful situations
↪ Having #DifficultConversations

Did you know that this is a skill that you can learn ?

Did you know that this skill – to calm your mind and get clear  – is trainable ?

What might a calm mind at the workplace and personally give you ?

The author is an Executive coach and Mindfulness Practitioner @Carolinevibha