Good day to you ! Well good day to you too, but who are you ?


It’s New-ness , open up Ego! She’s ready!



Ego: Noo she’s not!!
She *needs* me. I’m her best friend.
I’m here to *protect* her and keep her *safe*.

New-ness: But if she’s doing well AND can embrace something that challenges her mind and body

Ego : Oh!! Go away !


Hello hello!

Ego: Who’s there ?

It’s Growth

Ego: Godddd, you again!!

Haven’t I told you She is fine in the zone I have created for her!

Why on earth would she need you ?!!

Growth: So that she might experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Ego : Bah!! She’s ok with my stickiness, my neediness, the distractions that I throw at her.

She latches onto her story, and that’s what keeps me thriving – the drama, the emotions

Go away!



Ego : Who’s there ?!

It’s me – Presence

Ego: You are funny. I am way too important a presence in her life.

I have her in the palm of my hand.

I stress her out about the future, which isn’t really there.

I trigger memories, so that she is distracted with the drama

Why would she need you ?

Presence : Because whenever I push her to question you

And whenever I encourage her to throw light on you

And whenever I take the form of Silence

You cease to exist

The author is an Executive Coach and Mindfulness practitioner




I continue to explore and have the willingness to experiment with the idea of collaboration.


You talk to people from everywhere.

And a few patterns emerge in my mind on this thought

Collaboration is a mindset

You could speak to someone practicing the same work, and still have a huge amount of scope to plug in and join hands.

Collaboration is hugely undiscovered tool.

There’s scope for Collaboration to create shifts in
How we curate conversations
Accessing information
Creation of value for causes, businesses and communities at large

This tool will require a mind shift though

The ‘And’ mentality

What else is possible beyond what I know
And what we know
And what they know

And technology is the most amazing approach to do this

You have conversations seamlessly
You explore the layers and peel away to also get to the core

To me
How we view ourselves
And how we view one another are very powerful tools to build and strengthen Collaboration
And what comes out of Collaboration

How willing are we to embrace Collaboration
How is collaboration beneficial

How will this tool be even more valuable with technology changing, evolving, integrating

We are better together


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The author is an Executive Coach and Mindful practitioner


Many times I’ve wanted to hurt the people that hurt me.


As a child
As a teen ager
As an adult
As a woman

I’ve wanted to do to them, exactly what they did to me.

To make them experience the pain that they caused me.

It burned me.
It killed me inside.

My Personal Work over the last few years has been anything short of a Storm.

Because I had to come undone.

My kriya broke me. The Ego of me.

I realized how much of the story I was harboring in my body.
As pain, confusion, haze.

Then I realized that the only one suffering was myself.
Not them.

It was a memory.
It is a memory.

So I let those memories go.

I realized that I am not my body
And I am bit my mind.

I am much much MUCH more.

My healing I owe to those a.d many more life experiences and people.

I am actually thankful for it all.

Because I am a part of the Divine.
And everything is happening.

Let it happen.


Don’t get sucked in.

You are not it.

You are much more

Let go
Let go of all your worries
Let go of it all


The author is am Executive Coach and mindfulness practitioner


I stopped apologizing for who I am.


I began turning inwards a few years ago after phases of falling, stumbling and struggling for acceptance.

Until I realized I was looking for acceptance in all the wrong places, with all the wrong people and sub-consciously picking these to further feed those fears of being alone.

I picked myself up
I dusted myself off
I chose to ignore the noise, labelling, and questions like –
what phase are you at
Why are you doing this
What will it give
Are you mad
What will people think
What will people say

Instead I began building a tower of questions that I continue to ask myself till date
Who am I
What values can I choose to internalize
Why am I doing this
What will it give me
Who are the people I choose to associate myself with
And why
What can I do to grow and bloom into the most authentic version of Self

I declutter
I decline
I say no
I reflect
I dig
I breathe
I feed my soul
I stay away from noise
I avoid stuff that does not align with my core

I continue to be watchful of alignment and intention
Alignment and intention
Alignment and intention.


What values do you use to live out your truth ?
What in your life is in alignment?
What isn’t ?


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The author is a leadership coach and Mindfulness Practitioner @Carolinevibha

Many times we find it hard to Appreciate.

While growing up I recall feeling like – there’s not a bone in my body that really truly feels like I can appreciate anything ?
I would feel fake.

Anyone who has read #Sherylsandberg ‘Lean in’, will probably also have context as to the feeling that many experience when it comes to feeling like a fako.

And appreciation has a very different energy compared to pride.
Pride is a layer that falls off and has ego written all over it.
It is weak and resltess.
It says- ‘Look at me, how great I am’sort of vibes.
This vibe is tricky, because it fills us with a blind-ness towards our real-ness, our humane-ness, our vulnerability. It also stops us from anticipating what is coming, because we are too busy flying without consciously staying grounded.

Appreciation has an element of Honor.
Of honoring the goodness in yourself, the god-given talents you have received in this lifetime to do what you gotta do.
To deeply honor the god-given talent in others too.


Which means appreciation also has elements of Empathy.

When we can step out of our own identities to recognize the Grace that exists in our fellow beings – human and animal.

And why is Appreciation necessary ?
Who gives a rats-a$$ about appreciation ?

Think about your gran, your favorite teacher or manager.
You know, the one who loved you regardless of how naughty or bad you were.
The one who saw through your noise, and loved you as a whole.
The one who felt so amazing to be around.

I am inviting you today to take the time to meaningfully:
Appreciate something you love about yourself.
Appreciate something in someone close to you.
Appreciate something in someone you aren’t really getting along with.

Even if it sounds or feels fake at first, continue to practice Appreciation.
Imagine Appreciation filling your whole body while you think it, feel it and say it.

The highest in me appreciates the highest in you.

The author is a Leadership Coach & Mindfulness Practitioner @Carolinevibha

Of Manifestations and Fitness Resolutions

Happy with the tees we earned.

Many years ago, before I started running, I would dream about going on vacation and having fitness as an integral part of the plan.  I moved to a new house and dreamt that I would start a weekend running group that would meet to run around the lake.

I’m one of those who believes that if you really want something, it manifests.

Both these fitness desires have manifested for me right at the beginning of this year!  Last year around this time an old acquaintance of mine moved back to Bangalore and started coming to class.  Somehow the bond grew deep and when I tentatively suggested we go to Lovedale for a run, to my utter surprise I said yes.  We got two more friends together, another student offered us his cottage, I tanked up my car and off we drove into the hills.  We spent three days re-visiting the hills and exploring new joints.  We bought comfortable pajamas at the factory surplus shops.  I bought some Eucalyptus oil.  The night before what would become our first 10km, we affirmed to ourselves that we would complete the run successfully.  We would give it our 100%.  In the morning as soon as we woke up, I said, ‘We shall do it.’  And we did!

From the 4 of us who went to Ooty, to the 12 who went to Hampi last weekend, we have grown consistently.  Hampi was our fifth run together and we got special bibs and tees with our names on it.  It may seem like a small achievement, but to those of us who get together every weekend to pound the pavement, it was a moment to be proud of how far we’ve come.  To change old habits and adopt a new lifestyle is no mean feat.  And what they say is true – nothing tastes as good as fitness feels.





I AM : The LEAP Edition 10

I Am : The LEAP – ( Lead, Engage, Act, Pay it forward ) Edition – 10
A Project launched by Vibha Women to give women the platform to speak and share.
There is a lot that our members are learning in our circles of conversations – online & offline, and we thought it might be great to open up the conversation on
– Work
– The Journey
– Take-aways

Check out one of our members, Noreen Ahmed as she shares #herstory today!


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